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Getting the right mortgage does not have to be complicated or difficult. We are here to help you make it easy and comfortable as our team is dedicated to looking after all aspects pertaining to your mortgage.

London is located in Southwestern Ontario along the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor. London is a regional centre for healthcare and education, being home to the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College, and three major hospitals: Victoria Hospital, University Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital. Among the city's range of museums are Museum London, a showcase for regional art and historical artifacts, and the interactive Children's Museum. The city hosts several musical and artistic exhibits and festivals which contribute to its tourism industry however, its economic activity is focused on education, medical research, insurance, and information technology. London's university and hospitals are among its top ten employers. The city features numerous parks and greenways along the Thames River. London is a safe community. It has a strong community focus with top-quality education programs for kids, making it an ideal city for young families.

As a London Mortgage Broker with Mortgage Architects, we have the unique benefit of shopping multiple lenders, providing you with the best possible rate on your purchase or refinance. Our promise is to stay true to you, the client – not the bank.

As a competent London Mortgage Broker, we aim to provide you with personalized attention. We will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best rate and terms for your mortgage and ensure that you are well informed and comfortable. When working with us, you can rest assured that the procedure of financing your new home will be as comfortable as possible.

We are local and licensed to help throughout the London and surrounding area. We have worked with many other London homeowners. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, a seasoned investor, or looking to refinance or take cash out of an existing property, we would love to work with you.

What separates us from the rest:

  • We offer Up-to-date market information on all the mortgage rates, terms and program options.
  • We’ll save you time and money by matching you with the right lender.
  • We are vested in fulfilling your needs since we rely on referrals.
  • We’re professionals at matching you with the best-suited mortgage for your requirements.
  • Access rates through the wholesale channel with our investors.

Why choose Mortgage Architects serving London?

  1. Simplifying The Mortgage Process For The Masses:
    We will support you every step of your mortgage journey, from our first meeting till closing and any follow-up questions you may have. We have the resources to aid you with all your mortgage needs.
  2. Efficiency Through Flexibility:
    Mortgage Architects help borrowers choose suitable mortgage options in London and tailor them to suit their requirements. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or going for your second or third home, We can instantly help you choose suitable mortgage options.
  3. Seamless Services:
    We offer a plethora of products, tools, and services that have been tailor-designed to the mortgage industry. We will help quickly and accurately take care of all the figures and estimates involved with an online mortgage calculator.

Repeat Home Buyer Mortgage

For those looking to purchase their second home or upgrade to a new property, our Repeat Home Buyer Mortgage services offer the expertise and support needed to navigate this next chapter. At Gary Corriveau-Mortgage Architects, we understand that your needs and financial situation may have evolved since your first purchase. We are dedicated to finding the best mortgage solutions that align with your current goals and lifestyle. We offer comprehensive advice on leveraging the equity in your existing home, securing competitive rates, and optimizing your investment. Whether you're expanding your family, relocating, or simply seeking a change, our personalized approach ensures a seamless and rewarding home-buying experience. Trust us to guide you through the complexities of the mortgage process, making your transition to a new home as smooth and successful as possible.

Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage refinancing offers homeowners the opportunity to adjust their mortgage terms to better suit their current financial situation or to take advantage of lower interest rates. Refinancing can provide several benefits, including the ability to reduce monthly payments, shorten the loan term, or access equity built up in the home for other financial needs such as home renovations, debt consolidation, or education expenses. At Gary Corriveau-Mortgage Architects, we guide our clients through the refinancing process, helping them to understand their options and make informed decisions. Our expertise ensures that our clients receive the best possible rates and terms tailored to their unique circumstances. By refinancing with us, homeowners can achieve greater financial flexibility and take control of their mortgage in a way that supports their long-term financial goals.

Mortgage Renewal

Mortgage Renewal

Mortgage renewal is a critical juncture in the life of a mortgage, presenting an opportunity for homeowners to reassess their financial situation and renegotiate the terms of their mortgage. As the end of the current mortgage term approaches, it is essential to explore options and secure a new agreement that aligns with one's changing financial objectives. At Gary Corriveau-Mortgage Architects, we specialize in guiding our clients through the mortgage renewal process, ensuring they are well informed and confident in their decisions. We compare rates and terms from multiple lenders, ensuring our clients receive the most advantageous deal possible. By choosing to renew your mortgage with us, you can rest assured that your renewed mortgage will be tailored to fit your current financial needs and future aspirations, helping you continue your journey towards financial stability and homeownership success.

Self-Employed Mortgage

Securing a self-employed mortgage as a self-employed individual can present unique challenges, but it doesn't have to be an obstacle to homeownership. At Gary Corriveau-Mortgage Architects, we understand the nuances of self-employed income and the requirements for mortgage qualification. We specialize in working with self-employed clients to navigate the mortgage application process, ensuring that your business financials are accurately represented and meet lender criteria. We provide personalized advice on how to strengthen your application, from optimizing your income documentation to exploring mortgage products specifically designed for self-employed individuals. Our goal is to simplify the process to ensure that you have access to competitive mortgage options that reflect your true financial standing. Our expertise provides self-employed clients the confidence to pursue their dream of homeownership, knowing they have a knowledgeable partner in their corner.

Mortgage Pre-Approvals

Mortgage Pre-Approvals are a crucial step in the home-buying process, providing buyers with a clear understanding of their borrowing capacity before they start house hunting. A mortgage pre-approval not only gives buyers a competitive edge in the market but also offers peace of mind, knowing exactly what they can afford. It involves a thorough assessment of the buyer's financial situation, including income, debts, credit score, and employment history. Pre-approvals also help in negotiating with sellers, as they demonstrate the buyer's financial readiness and seriousness. It's advisable to obtain a mortgage pre-approval early in the home-buying process to streamline the journey to homeownership.

Renovation Mortgage

A Renovation Mortgage offers a unique opportunity for homeowners and homebuyers to finance both the purchase or refinance of a property and the cost of its renovation with a single loan. This type of mortgage is ideal for those looking to upgrade an existing home or transform a fixer-upper into their dream home. With a Renovation Mortgage, you can roll the renovation costs into your mortgage, allowing for a streamlined process and potentially lower interest rates compared to separate financing options. It's a flexible solution that can cover a wide range of renovation projects, from basic upgrades to major structural changes. By choosing a Renovation Mortgage, you can increase the value of your property while creating a space that truly meets your needs and preferences.

New to Canada Mortgage

Our New to Canada Mortgage program is designed to help newcomers establish their roots in this beautiful country by owning a home. We understand the challenges that come with relocating to a new country, and we are here to make the transition smoother. Our program offers flexible qualification criteria to accommodate different immigration statuses and employment situations. We will walk you through the process, providing support and advice every step of the way. Our goal is to help you secure a mortgage that fits your financial situation so you can start building your new life in Canada with a solid foundation. Whether you are a permanent resident or a temporary worker, we are committed to helping you achieve your dream of homeownership in your new homeland.

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